The LittleArm 2C is a 3D printed desktop Arduino robot arm that was made for STEM and hobby. The arm is actuated by microservos and is controlled by an Arduino Nano with a Meped Board.

This tutorial is a variation of the assembly manual for the Littlearm 2C basic kit.

Step 1: Parts List

All of the parts for the LittleArm can be purchased from the LittleArm website as a package or from most hobby retailers.

Cool robotic arm
<p>What an incredible instructable! If I could just take and post pictures and document as well as you, I would be more than happy!</p><p>I do Arduinos and have 3D printers. I want to try this just to see if I can.</p><p>In addition to the STEM aspects of this project, it teaches how to &quot;design&quot; and &quot;construct&quot;. That is, don't overtighten, and, how things actually go together. There are a number of skills required (or helpful) here, but that's why there are Dads and Moms and others who help their children and others get interested in something other than video games (no offense meant, just that there are other things in life that may be of interest). This is a &quot;space-age&quot; Pine Wood Derby project ; if you were a Boy Scout. </p>

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