3D Printed Battery Holder


Introduction: 3D Printed Battery Holder

If you've ever needed to hold a battery in place here's an ideal 3D printed one.

Step 1: Dimensions in Millimeters

The extrusion (height) of it is 20 mm

The length is 55 mm

The width is 40 mm

The dimensions from left to right are both 1.35 mm apart

The dimensions up and down are both 5.5 mm apart

The depth of it is 17.5

Step 2: Materials

9 volt battery

3D Printed battery holder

Battery clip connector

Step 3: Assembling- Finished Product

Place the battery clip connector on the 9 volt battery

Finally place the battery in the 3D



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    This is a good idea I'll try and make this by myself. Creative! I like it!

    very nice :) @enrique_2015

    Awesome sauce

    Very smart

    Creative Idea! Nice one mate

    9 Volt battery clips usually hold fine for me by themselves. Battery holders are handy for cylindrical batteries though. Here's a project i made recently that I used a 9 Volt battery in. I made the holder out of a scrap of wood I picked up off my workshop floor. Who needs a 3D printer anyways?


    Cool idea! Thanks for sharing!