3D Printed Bulbasaur Planter





Introduction: 3D Printed Bulbasaur Planter

A quick little project for a succulent or cactus planter!

Step 1: Print

Here's the file - not my design! Credit to Hitsman.


I printed at .15mm, 7% infill, 2 shells, on a Replicator 2.

Step 2: Drill (optional)

Ideally the model would have a bigger hole, but this works just fine.

If your plant doesn't have any roots, skip this step!

Step 3: Paint (Optional)

Since I didn't have this color PLA, I just bought some spraypaint. I used Montana Black - Tiffany.


Step 4: Plant

To begin, I put a small layer of pebbles for drainage at the bottom of the pot. Ideally, the pot should have holes in the bottom as well.

I used a potting mixture of 2:1 soil to sand.

The cactus I used is a Astrophytum myriostigma. I purchased one here:


After digging the cactus out of its original pot, clear the extra dirt off the roots. Then carefully tuck it into the planter. I used a small stick to help push the roots through. Then, dig a small hole in the pot for the roots. Add your planter! Be sure to put extra dirt inside the planter itself! The stick can help here too.



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May I know exactly what plant that is? I bought the same species and I'm trying to find out what it's called. Thanks!

great stuff! I am looking for neat ideas for my middle school stem class. we don't have a 3d printer yet but hopefully we will get one soon. we can design characters in AutoCAD though!

So cool. Unfortunately we don't have 3d printers in the area.

I can't take this.

You should like add a proximity sensing watergun to it or something. Its too awesome.


This is to awesome for words

I love this XD. Im desperate for a 3D printer

You are my daughters hero.

always nice to see a Pokémon project pop up! I want a 3d printer so bad maybe sometime this fall but ill be coming back to this one.

Good Job!Put a vegetable moss on a flore,for very effect!

This is brilliant! Such a clever idea!