Picture of 3D Printed Camera : OpenReflex
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The Open Reflex, a research about desktop 3D printing, open design and hacking.
100% Open-Source ! Fell free to copy, understand, improve then share again !

RIGHT NOW ON KISSKISSBANKBANK (french Kickstarter-like) !

Help me to make an improved V2 !

Pledge here : OpenReflexV2 !

The OpenReflex is an Open-Source analog camera with a mirror Viewfinder and an awesome finger activated mechanic shutter (running ~ 1/60°s). What's more, it's compatible with any photographic lens with custom mount ring.
All the pieces easily printable on an recent RepRap-like ABS 3D-printer without using support material ! Everything should print in less than 15h and anyone should be able to assemble it within 1h.
All parts are separate ( Film receiver, Shutter and Viewfinder ) to simplify builds and modifications.
The source files are available under the CreativeCommon By-Sa license, fell free to modify them if you want a new feature, and don't forget to share your improvements on the web ;)

The Thingiverse copy is online, if you wanna share your remixed version.

The WIP is available on my blog : [fr]

This project is the continuation of my 3D-Printed Pinhole Box I made 2 years ago with an first gen Makerbot.

I'd like to buy one ? You can't for the moment, but if there is enough interested peoples to buy it I'll maybe launch a little batch on a crowd-funding platform (probably around 50€ the camera). Please send me a private message if you'd like to get one and I'll keep you in touch. [will be an updated version even better!]

For the 3D-Printing Contest : This camera is the result of my graduation project, i made it using my school's 3D printer. Now that I'm graduated I can't use it anymore. So I'd really like to get my own 3D printer in order to be able to improve this project and start new ones! [Ps : I got an adress in Belgium]

For the Epilog Contest : For this project I was lucky enough to have 3D Printer at my disposal. I enjoyed tinkering with it, always trying to improve the quality of what I was printing. If I had a laser cutter I'd do the same thing, trying to get the most I can from my tools and making a lot of amazing projects with them! What's more, as i'm part of a hacker student association called Le_Garage, i'd share the laser cutter with my friends so it can be used up to its full potential.

For all the enthusiast readers : As you may notice, English isn't my native language and I still have a few difficulties to write. I have made a wiki [HERE] with a copy of all those texts, if you wish, feel free to make some corrections and I'll copy it here. We can all improve if we collaborate ! ^^

Further Improvement : I'm working on an illustrated step by step guide for this project, will be ready in the next few weeks.
I'll add here soon the "Arduino test bench shutter" that allow to measure your shutter speed ; the "PhotoBomb special Back" that add some specials guests on your films and also the "AP-Lens special mount" for a full DIY camera.

Note : Still missing the dxf and openscad files, I'll upload the in the week-end and I'll add much better pictures of the project Monday.

© Pictures 1 and 2 by S.Binoux for the ESADSE.

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Nikon SLRs have had essentially the same mount for ~50 years. Any older
Nikon lens with a manual focus and aperture ring should work. Newer
lenses often have no manual control over aperture size, which is a
problem for a full manual camera such as this one.
There are adapters for Canon EF to Nikon F mount, and they vary from a
metal plate (cheap) to adapters with onboard electronics. Googling the
type of conversion you're looking for should pop up the proper results.
Bear in mind that this camera does not support the electronics, so you
only need the most basic of adapters.
(I realize it's been 8 months since your post, but hopefully this
information is still helpful)

bandoche1 month ago

Shutter.svg can't be found. Can you upload that file again?

Snellingkorey2 months ago

3D printing a camera, a bit like a robot building a car.

ironic isn't it!

yaly5 months ago
I'll make it as soon as I make my first 3D printer, it's very cool. Just wondering, why do you have black and white pictures ?
LeoMarius (author)  yaly3 months ago

I used black and white film ;)
Do not worry, It work the same with color film.

davidbarcomb4 months ago

Awesome idea. Got to try this

jackowens1 year ago
This is so cool!

Agreed, it's awesome!

mac242mac1 year ago
Hey, just wanted to ask again. Can you share the shutter .svg file? And, what is this piece? It isnt explained in any description. Is it made out of PET as well?
I would appreciate any help. I am almost done building one.

Link to piece:
Just wanted to check on the the shutter .svg file. Can you upload it please?
LeoMarius (author)  mac242mac1 year ago
I have this in mind. Try to upload it soon.
Actually I never edit a final version of it, always use routh finished with a cut...
Made of PET too, it's the fast mobile part which gonna make the exposure.
LeoMarius (author)  mac242mac1 year ago
Hi, sorry, I was very busy and forgot your message.
For the black PET sheet, i get it from this kind of furniture :
And for the missing file I just upload it [back-shutter.svg]. (I cut mine with only scissors and no shape, I never try this file)
Thanks, however, I did not want the "back-shutter.svg". I wanted the Shutter.svg--the piece that attaches to the shutter wheel.

Thanks again for your help.
LXMaker1 year ago
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LXMaker1 year ago
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mac242mac1 year ago
Great project! I am unable to find a Black PET 0.3mm sheet [plastic spacer]. Can someone recommend a place where I can order one? Also, I do not see the Shutter.svg file, could you possibly post it? I'm assuming the cutting of this was done by a laser cutter, right? Also, what is piece in The Back section right above the screws made out of and how is it made?
Capture 123.PNG
Gadisha1 year ago
I like it... but since I use a digital camera I would be more interested in printed adapter rings to make it possible to use various brands of lenses on my camera or even homemade lenses
This is so great, do you think this could be modified to carry 120 film? i may poke at your model files :D
LeoMarius (author)  audreyobscura1 year ago
Yes, and 120 back shouldnt be hard to do, but the shutter apperture is too small fot having a good use of it.
I'll probably work on an updated version for an crowdfunding campain (mid september) with an biggest shutter (probably around 40x40mm, I have to chose betwin camera size and shutter).
rrbecker1 year ago
DUDE!.... Way to Go.. Fantastic Project.

You Da Man... Can't wait to see more... Bravo.
Leo we're all in awe of this, such a fantastic project! You've totally inspired us to print and make one ourselves. We have so many questions. Can you drop us a line let's talk! :)
"I envy you.."
says my D3100
he3r01 year ago
wow, awesome, already have a whole bunch of ideas, for example medium format ;)
and quick question, does camera exposes only 35mm frame, or also perforated part of film?
LeoMarius (author)  he3r01 year ago
Medium format could be an nice fork, but need a much larger shutter. (maybe another design?)
For the moment it expose the 35mm frame and a bit of the perforated parts. But you can easy expose all the film if you change the back and the shutter frame. (really easy)
Just have to care about the shutter perforations that could be a light problem....

brunoip1 year ago
Léo! Your work is totally inspiring! It is a joy to see how you combined good old analogue photo technology with modern 3D printing.

Thanks for sharing this with the world on a open source license! It will for sure infect others and inspire them to work as you do.

deerdude681 year ago
cool i like p :)
Really amazing. Wish you had entered this in to a comp I would have voted for you
LeoMarius (author)  redfoxtrystman1 year ago
Thanks redfoxtrystman for your enthusiasm !
I did, I'm waiting for the entry confirmation. You'll be able to vote soon I hope. ;)
you can vote now, I did :)
you can vote now, I did :)
Thats a very interesting shutter design, quite clever. Couple questions;

Do you ever get light leaks through the shutter film piece? If you leave the lens cap off?

Do you have a hard time rapidly pressing that shutter rod down while also holding the camera steady? I imagine this could be an issue right?

Amazing project. I have been thinking of doing a 3D printed camera but the issues of a fast shutter were keeping me at square zero on a design.
LeoMarius (author)  mattthegamer4631 year ago
Hi, the shutter piece is 0.3mm PET black sheet, and is perfectly light proof, haven't get issue from this. The problem i have for the moment is the shutter is to short and when i load it to fast, it just go to far (with wheel inertia) and expose a part of my film... Just have to make a shutter a bit longer to solve this.

For the trembling issues, for sure, when you can fix the camera somewhere it's always better. But I also try to take some pictures standing with camera on my hands and it's not thats trembling... While you're using short focal lens (no more than 70mm) it should not be problematic. The camera is trembling a lot when the shutter rod reaches the end of travel but the picture is already in the box at this moment. ;)

If i get the occasion to work more on this the next main upgrade should be a spring to replace the finger push, should be much more regular and less trembling !

Agree, the fast shutter in printed plastic was an problematic issue ! ^^ If you want to do your own camera and use this shutter I please you ! :)
donfrench1 year ago
What is this "film" thing of which you speak?
LeoMarius (author) 1 year ago
Thanks all for your enthusiasms ! That always pleases. :)
pmn93931 year ago
You've inspired me, but i think i'm gonna do something where i use the guts of a camera and modify it to add things. Mainly preloaded film packs.
Victor Lam1 year ago
Amazing, can you make a Leica M-mount version?
LeoMarius (author)  Victor Lam1 year ago
A Leica M-mount should not be difficult to do but the problem is those lens have a very short Flange focal distance.  (the optimal distance between the lens flange and the film)
So if I do an M-Mount version I'll have to remove the mirror and the viewer to be close enough to the film... Ps : the M-mount is one of the reasons I separate the viewer of the Shutter.
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