I've buyed a tester for mosfet and transistor. This is a simple tester that scan the piece connected on the three contact, and show on lcd the type and the scheme of electronic component. This good accessories don't have a case. I've designed and printed this case.

Step 1: Download the Stl File and Print

The first step is download the stl file and print it. If you don't have a 3D print, you can use the 3DHubs service. After this step is important add the connector to the 5 pins of connections. This step is necessary because the case is most high to use the simple connectors. See the photo.

Step 2: Make a Hole and Assembly

The last step is make a hole on the case where are the button of tester. If the button is more down, you can use a screw to connect the button to the case, or a swab of cotton buds.

Now you can assembly all together, and you can test it!

<p>I just mount mine to scraps of hardboard with stand offs. Done, and done.</p>

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