In this Instructable I am going to teach you how to design a basic chess set to be 3d printed.
I originally designed the pieces to be shot glasses but due to financial constraints I needed to shrink the size and use a different material.

I used Solid Edge ST4 for mine but the basic concepts and tools are pretty consistent between 3d modelers.

You will need:
Some form of 3d modeling software
and either a 3d printer of your own or use a site that does it for you (I used http://www.shapeways.com)
If you use the sire you will also need money to pay for it to be made.
You will also need a basic understanding of the modeling software you will use.

Please Note:
I will be referencing the tools I used for Solid Edge so the names will not always be the same for you but it should still be understandable as to what it does.
If anything is unclear or you would like more clarity or have any questions at all then please contact me and I will answer you as soon as I can and update my Instructable as needed.

Step 1: Reference

First it is helpful to have a reference image to base your chess set on. Mine referece is pictured but the image does not belong to me (I do not recall where I found it otherwise I would give proper credit)

I found it helpful to actually place the image on my sketch plane so that, while I was making my outlines, I had my reference.

Please Note:
This is optional, if you want to design yours from scratch then go right ahead.
Excellent project !
Great, simplistic designs for the pieces. The rook reminds me of a nuclear power plant cooling tower. Kind of inspiring, sci-fi hint to it. <br>Thanks.

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