video 3D Printed Child-Friendly Button Retainers
My son, this year, joined the school where i studied for 10 years, 33 years ago.

He needs to wear a school uniform every school day, and this uniform has 7 metal buttons secured by retaining rings. As these were metal, they needed to be installed and removed daily for washing. That equaled thousands of button removals/installs over the years. Yeah. Definitely not my favourite thing.

So now he is in the same quandary, and I'm be darned if I (or anyone else at home) needs to do these buttons for him every day.

"Buttons build character!"

However, being a 7 year old, handling the small metal retainers can be a bit challenging/time consuming...
great idea! did you have these 3d printed? injection molded?
juniortan (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
Thanks! I printed them on shapeways.com (my old cupcake 3d printer is on the blink)
whats with the school??

why dont they just require regular buttons?
juniortan (author)  technosasquatch2 years ago
ah that, technosasquatch, is a question i asked myself about 14 times every school day, for ten years. It's possibly a tradition/discipline kind of thing :-)
would cotter/ linch pins be considered as "tacky"??
juniortan (author)  technosasquatch2 years ago
Actually cotter pins (usually metal) are very useful, but I wanted something softer, and less likeli to scratch/irritate my boy. There are two buttons on the shoulder of his uniform, especially, that are right between him and the straps of his backpack :-)

These new rings have been in daily use since January, and we are rather pleased with them.