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Introduction: 3D Printed Chinese Oriental Folding Fan

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Hi,I would like to share my recent 3D printed designs on Instructables.

As Chinese New Year is nearing soon, furthermore in regards to this year as its the Lunar Year Of The Goat, I've designed an oriental Chinese folding fan collection for decorative and practical usage. The Chinese calligraphy on the (Wood & Gold) fan refers to the word 'GOAT' in Mandarin. The Red fan calligraphy describes a prosperous and fortune abundance during this Year Of The Goat.

The 1st visual which the model is holding refers to the fan printed in WOOD PLA material, 2nd visual fan is printed in GOLD PLA material and the RED fan is printed with RED PLA material (embossed with Chinese calligraphy and Goat pattern).

I've decided to upload the RED fan to share with everyone who's interested in printing it (it's also in www.thingiverse.com ) . As for the other 2 fan designs, the STL files can be purchased in www.cgtrader.com (http://www.cgtrader.com/3d-print-models/art/other/3d-printed-chinese-oriental-folding-fan-in-gold-filament and http://www.cgtrader.com/3d-print-models/art/other/3d-printed-chinese-oriental-folding-fan ). For those who would wish to purchase the 3D printed models, please do contact me for further arrangement.

Step 1: Download the Red Fan As Attached (in *.STL)

Once downloaded the attachment, send it into your 3D printer (ONLY for 200mmx200mmx200mm built volume and above).

Step 2: Remove the 'closed' Fan From Printer Bed and ENJOY the Surprise!

Slowly open the fan and you might hear some 'cracking' sound during this process. This is due to some very thin structural hinges to unlock and open the fan.

If it is too loose, use fishing tackle string to tie all the fan 'ribs' together. Enjoy!



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    Thank you for your feedback.... :)

    Amazing! Very pretty! I love it!

    Nicely done! Like how it prints as one object


    This prints as one object? That's cool!

    1 reply

    Yes, no assembly required. Thanks for your feedback!