This was done for my 3d modeling class (4170) using AutoDesk Inventor 2009. It was done to show how a basic combination lock works than to actually lock anything. It is made of 10 parts and fully works. Cost to make was around $28 to have it printed on a Dimension 3D printer.Total size is 4 inches wide. 3.5 front to back and 2.5 tall and very lightweight 2-4 ounces. (correction1.5 Ounces)

I got the idea from this website Woodgears.ca This is my version.

This was added to the Makezine site and I figured I would add it here also and throw in a few renders.

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dscott43 years ago
Interesting project

I would love to see it added to the 3D print group I have just started


Dumchicken4 years ago
it looks like styrofome
 i have a plotter and A educational place here in Nj sells the program and the paper to peel and stick your way to a prototype THAT IS JUST fine for me,as I build everything I can and if I CANT GOD GAVE ME MIKE!
emptynest and High resolution photos!-14.jpgemptynest and High resolution photos!-14.jpg
ikestarm176 years ago
That's awesome! You should put up a file so other people can make them. That's really cool
Speedmite6 years ago
Cool. I made a toy train in cad and a wooden air powered car toy and a few other things but this is beast.
Wow, sounds cool, you should do a slide show or video about what you've made. Just a suggestion. : )
Dont know how, and its at school which gets out in 2.5 days.... Thanks!
If you go to SUBMIT at the top of this page you can make your Instructable or Slideshow from there!
I cant get to it. Its at school. Anyways I havent made a prototype thing. I dont even know how to make screen shots.
Aww that's a shame, but just a tip, for screen shots, hit Alt + Print Scrn, the key to the left of f12.
Derin Speedmite6 years ago
Also,Alt can be removed but then it takes all your programs in the shot.Alt makes it capture the active.
robot7976 years ago
were can i buy or use a 3d printer?
Wait a year and someone here will post a diy version
Wait 50 Years and people will be throwing them out :P
hihi 3D for free.
you said people will be trowing them out. so i said free 3D i wanna have free 3D
XD i wanna print a nitro motor and see if it runs..
Ummm....Is right.
i like nitro
no morle like in nitromethanol (glow fuel)
My profile contradicts my statement.
the nitro in it is NITROGLYCERIN XD
i know i'm right...
Whatever :P
blah *BANG* lost my head
Rob K (author)  robot7976 years ago
LOL I don't think that would work well. If it did work it might melt or run bad.
lol i wanna print prototypes.
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