Picture of 3D Printed Customized 91mm Swiss Army Knife (SAK) Scales

For those of you out there in the DIY community who have always wanted to personalize their 91mm Victorinox Swiss Army, look no further.  In  this INSTRUCTABLE you will find instructions and CAD files that allows you the freedom of personalizing your knife with new scales designed by you and printed on 3D printers available to the general public.  With the provided CAD files as a base, an individual with some basic knowledge in CAD can modify the files to include inscriptions, logos, or cool features not offered on factory knives.  Now I've always been fond of microSD memory cards and how much could be stored in such a small package.  My only problem is that it's compact size is it's venerability when it comes to getting loss.   So I thought it would be a perfect marriage to combine the versatility of a SAK with a microSD memory stick and add a compartment in the handle to store the card.

Unfortunately, time and a lack of access to a 3D printer limited this Instructable to just images from my CAD station.  If at the end of this Instructable you found it something worth your time and worthy of voting please do so.  If I were to win a new Makerbot 3D Printer, I promise to flood the Instructable community with my future ideas.

Thanks for your consideration.

p.s.  I will attach a variety of configurations under STL CAD format at the end of the Instructable.  Please check back in the near future for other CAD formats that are more customizable, ie STEP, IGES, NX6....
ErikG111 months ago

Amazing work, Franco! I'm planning a custom made magnifying glass with a proper glass lens. Any chance you've had this out and drawn?

this is impressive. any chance to get graphics that i can import in inkscape or some other open source tool like librecad? i'm working on cnc cutting scales from wood, and your work looks way better then my attemts yet :)
franco40 (author)  michaelpollak1 year ago
Thanks for the kudos Mike....What format works best for you? I can output IGES or STEP formats easily enough.


This is indeed impressive :-) Would it be possible to get the STEP files?