Let's create something useful for videomaker and timelapse maker

Step 1: 3D Printed DSLR Slider! Cheaper Than 20$

This is a tutorial on how to build a 3D printed dslr SLIDER!

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Sorry for my English, probably I'll make some mistake so please tell me where I'm wrong in the comments :)

What do you need?

• 3D printer (I have a prusa i3)
• PC (LOL)
• bunch of bolt and nuts (3mm and 6mm)
• 2x 20mm diameter aluminium rods (the length is up to you) ( mine is 1m long)
• 4x 20mm linear bearings
• 1x LEGITIM ikea chopping board (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/90202268/)
• 2 tripods

  • don't forget some free time and passion

They are linear bearings , right where i can get it
Haha how are most of these projects $20.00 should be like "After having a couple grand worth of equipment..."
<p>Nice :-)</p>
<p>Hello! I really enjoy the design you have for the slider! I was wonder though if you had any places to find 20mm rod? Everything I have found is extremely expensive as well 20mm linear bearings are pretty expensive. Just purchasing those two items would push it over $20. I am in the states so maybe that is the issue I am running into.<br><br>Any resources would be great! I have all the parts printed out and am just super excited to use this.</p>
HI!<br>I bought the 20mm aluminium rods in a bricolage Market and I payed 4$<br>the linear bearings are very cheap on Aliexpress :)<br>Cheers
<p>Here is a link to the EFL (Engineering For Less) CNC program which is truly awesome. </p><p>http://www.engineeringforless.com/efl_cnc.html</p>
<p>I really like the clean look of the design. These same parts could be used to build a desktop CNC machine with minimal changes. I too would hook up a stepper motor and run it off an Arduino board. EFL has a great free program that allows manual control. Keep up the good work, and yes, I voted for you too :)</p>
What is EFL ?
I'm finishing the arduino code and soon I'll release the motorized version :)
Great job. Could you put a thread on one of the guide rods, and automate your movement by Turning the threaded side? Like an old workshop vise.
<p>in the side parts there are a lot of holes so anyone can customize it and add more components. <br>Soon I will relase the motorized version!</p>
<p>I'll e waiting for that!</p>
<p>cool that can be helpful with 3d printer clue </p>
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<p>awesome. voted!</p>
Awesome Work. Voted.
Yo! Thank you

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