Introduction: 3D Printed DSLR Shoulder Rig [for 10$]

Picture of 3D Printed DSLR Shoulder Rig [for 10$]

In this DIY I'm gonna teach you how I Built my 3D Printed DSLR Shoulder Rig

Step 1: What You Need?

Picture of What You Need?
  • 3D printer
  • 2x 1m long, 16mm diameter, aluminium rod
  • M6 bolts and nuts
  • 4x M5 bolts and nuts
  • Tripod like (1/4") screw
  • Ikea CHEAP chopping board

Step 2: GET the STLs

Picture of GET the STLs

get the STLs files from my thingiverse:


Picture of 3D PRINTING TIME!

Print every part and compose your DSLR rig as you want

If you need that I print the parts for you just ask me in 3D HUBS:

Step 4: Cut the Rods

Picture of Cut the Rods

2x 30 cm long (16mm Diameter)

2x 40 cm long (16mm Diameter)

2x 20 cm long (20mm Diameter)

The structure is for 16mm diameter rods an 20 mm Handles

Step 5: Mount It!

Picture of Mount It!

just put everything together!

Step 6: Cut and Bend the IKEA Chopping Board

Picture of Cut and Bend the IKEA Chopping Board

cut and bend the IKEA chopping board to fit your shoulder!

when heated It's extremely ductile, so I used an Hair dryer to heat it !

Step 7: Top Feratures!

Picture of Top Feratures!

Remember is extremely lightweight! :D

Step 8: Customizable With a Lot of Accessories!

Picture of Customizable With a Lot of Accessories!

Step 9: Here It Is!

Picture of Here It Is!

here it is 3D Printed DSLR Shoulder Rig!


Step 10: FOLLOW ME

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ngmacha (author)2015-05-14

Hm, and how this rig is supposed to be used, just reading from the Instructable?!

Raitis (author)2015-05-08

I like the trick with ikea board, might prove useful for something!

kondzio29 (author)2015-05-08

I woud say that this is diy shoulder rig with 3D printed parts... Not the 3d ptinted shoulder rig ;)

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