Introduction: 3D Printed Earbud Cord Button Clip

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Is it not annoying to have your earbud cord just flopping around when you are listening to music as you walk?  Here is a way to be as stylish and unique as you want.  The possibilities are endless with how you can customize the shape, color and even size of this button.  Please vote for my instuctable in the 3D printing contest.

What you will need:

• Button down shirt
• CAD knowledge
• Caliper
• 3D Printer
• Needle and thread

Step 1: Take Measurements

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Take button off your shirt and measure the diameter, thickness and diameter of the holes.  This does not have to be exact.  I rounded all measurement to the nearest half millimeter.

Also measure the thickness of your ear-bud cord.

Step 2: Draft Basic Shape

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Open your favorite CAD program.  I used Autodesk’s AutoCAD, but you can easily use Tinkercad if you wanted to.

Draw up the basic shape of the button

Step 3: Make Holes

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Draw four cylinders with the same diameter as the holes of the button.  Make sure that they are taller than the button so they can be subtracted easily.

Use whatever command your CAD program uses to subtract the four smaller cylinders from the button.

Step 4: The Clip

Picture of The Clip

This is the same procedure as making the last holes.

Make a cylinder the same measurement as your earbud thickness.

Rotate the cylinder horizontally.
Make sure the thickest part of the cylinder is just below the surface of the button, and avoid the thread holes.

Step 5: Prepare for Printing

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Export your drawing as an .STL file.
Open your .STL file in whatever program you use for 3D printing, I use MakerWare.   Then just print it in whatever color you have.

Step 6: Sew on Button

Picture of Sew on Button

Sew the button on and be happy that your cord is not flopping around.


georion (author)2013-09-17

ive been using big buttons for years-most salvaged from old clothes-used to keep camera strps on shoulder -earbud cords in lne ect -just sewed button where needed-quick-no fuss-no muss !

xeijix (author)2013-05-19

Did you get your button idea from: ?
Some attribution would be nice.

Claydiz (author)xeijix2013-05-19

Yep, that's exactly were I got the idea from. It has been a few months so I looked all over kickstarter because I thought that's where I had seen it. Thanks for the redirect. To bad he doesn't have price because his is better.

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