3D Printed Ethernet Telescope





Introduction: 3D Printed Ethernet Telescope

I've seen PiKon. it's great. i want make it. not original but add function!!

so I made Ethernet Telescope. it's Project name is WIZKon Telescope !! : )

Step 1: Prepare Material

Need these...

  1. 3D cad file : i published below site -> Link
  2. mbed : i use WIZwiki-W7500 or WIZwiki-W7500ECO -> Link
  3. Serial Camera : i use LJ-DSC02, found this site -> Link
  4. Lens : i use SSG-B51, found this site -> Link
  5. etc : rubber band, 2mm x 10, 20 screw bolt, wire, black thick paper, plastic support, pin header socket

Step 2: Assembly_3D Printing

Although not shown in the picture, even the lens cover is also required.

Step 3: Assembly_Serial Camera Wiring

Step 4: Assembly_mounte the Camera in the Middle

Step 5: Assembly_Top & Bottom & Lens

Step 6: Assembly_Top & Bottom & Lens & Middle

Step 7: Assembly_Telescope & Mbed

Step 8: Working

mbed source code repository -> Link

i test my image viewer program. it made in the past for other purpose. it made by C#.

Step 9: Plan

my WIZKon Telescope able Ethernet.

so, other applications are possible.

for example,

Photos taken by telescopes can also see the mobile phone using a web server.


WIZKon Telescope is now an urgent problem is the one to increase the sharpness.



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hi , the project look great but i can;t access the lens link

So, cooooool~~

But, need more explanation.

How much will this cost, total?

under about $ 47 , except for the 3D printer output.

verry verry poor info

I like iT but pleace put more info and so under the pictures and a video and more foto's or so, taken by your scoope.

ITS cool

; ) it will soon be update.

super cool, i wil wait for iT, so i can try to make iT as you.

Verry verry cool, thank you.

Probs, to al our DIY ers..

Our world.

I was a little confused. I thought this was going to be like "Ronja" http://ronja.twibright.com/ with a freespace optical wireless connection.

I thought it was going to be a little radio telescope LOL.

By including the plans for future progress will try.