So I wanted to give my kids an opportunity to design and make their own things.

My eldest son had seen fidget spinners online and wanted to give it a go.

In this instructable, he goes through the process of designing his spinner on paper, refining the design in Fusion360 and printing it out on our home made 3d Printer

Step 1: Initial Design

To get an idea of what the final spinner might look like we decided to draw out a few designs. This will get the creative juices going even if the final spinner looks very different to what was drawn.

It's important to view this as a process, and to keep moving forward even if you feel a little disheartened that you cant get "THAT" design on the first go.

<p>I enjoyed listening to the dialog between teacher and student. Dad made sure his son knew what, why, and how. He even managed to get the proper terminology in so the kid could become comfortable with it. Who's I had such a patient teacher here. I will have to search one out.</p>
Thanks for the comments, we are both learning fusion 360, but it's really cool to be in a position to teach him how to take an idea and make it real. :)
<p>does the spinner fit in an adult hand. Maybe you can make a smaller one next and both have one.</p>
<p>yes fits an adults hand well. It does fit his hand, but it's a bit akward for him. We are going to design another one with variables so the bearings and overall size can be changed at will</p>

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