3D Printed Fidget Spinner(s)



Introduction: 3D Printed Fidget Spinner(s)

I wanted a clean, easy approach to the new craze of fidget spinners, so I made two very generic, decent models for your use. I hope you like them!

Step 1: Creating the Models

To make the 3D models, I took the dimensions from a very cheap fidget spinner, modified them through trial and error, and revised them as needed. I personally prefer the classic tri-spinner, but I really like them both.

Step 2: Printing the Spinner Bodies

To make the models real, I used a 3D Printer*, and the I ended up with some very nice bodies. I encountered many technical difficulties during the print process, so don't be afraid to try, try again!

*If you do not own or have access to a 3D printer, then many 3D printing services (Like Shapeways, 3D Hubs, etc.) can print the part(s) for you.

Step 3: Files for Your Use

I included the files of two fidget spinners, one has three outer bearings and the other has two.

The files are the intellectual property of SpinTeck. Enjoy!



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