While taking a class at Techshop, I set out to see if I could create 3D printed glasses. There are many ways you can approach 3D modeling and print. I decided to start by using a 3D scanner to get a model. I used the NextEngine 3D Scanner to capture a model of a generic Ray Ban sunglasses frame. A program like 123D Catch is a great alternative to those that do not have access to a 3D Scanner. The program allows you to take photos of an object and turn it into a 3D model.

If you need more info on where to get access to the tools I used check out TechShop.ws. I made it at TechShop.

Step 1: 3D Scanning

Using the 3D scanner, I was able to get a 3D model of the pair of glasses I had. I have included a version of the STL file I used. The STL file can easily be open in 3D modeling programs.

<p>Can this be done at some sort of 3d print shop? I wish to create a vertical wall using a photograph. </p>
<p>The entire process can be done at home if your willing to play around. If you have some form of hackerspace, fablab, college campus, etc. around you they may be able to help. You can also use things like https://www.3dhubs.com to order a print. </p>
<p>Go to your local FABLAB</p>
<p>please change the presenting picture, big thanks absolutly not what i expected !!! </p>
<p>Agreed. Bit misleading, no?</p>
<p>Image updated. Sorry if it was misleading.</p>
<p>There is almost no limit what you can do with 3D printing. Very nice 3D Printed Glasses, Cordavi!</p>
very cool! gives me inspiration to wonder whats possible
love the minecraft bit, had no idea that was possible
I would have never thought to make a 3-d print of glasses. Great job! :D
You used <em>Minecraft </em>to make these?! That's awesome!
You need a red and a blue lens to make this complete.

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