For the "Up" Challenge I decided to make something that I have wanted to make for a while now; a 3D printed GoPro mount. They are expensive to buy at stores, and I now have access to not only Solidworks designing program, but 3D printers. It does cost money of course, but at least I have access to them. Thank you Mr. Ericson from Eaglecrest High School for the materials, design programs, and 3D printer. 

Step 1: The Original Sketches

These are the original sketches that I did. I worked off of these for the next couple steps, but had to change them eventually. You will see. I measured my mount using a dial caliper, and a standard ruler. I wrote the measurements down on the paper that you can see in the pictures and on a few other papers. Eventually I drew the entire thing onto AutoCAD, so I could reference it while making the 3D model in Solidworks. If you have any questions as to what size or distance something is, feel free to contact me. 
his is what 3d printers are for. gopro rips you off by a million kilometers and miles <br>great project, you should mount onto street luge <br>:) keep making! <br>-SamjmyB
You should use the &quot;print screen&quot; option on your keyboard so your pictures will look much more professional. Cool project anyways!
I would have, if I wasn't at school. Thanks though! <br>
How much did the project cost? besides the machine?
I used my school's materials, and I paid a $25 fee for the class. The printing was free and so was using the software.
Hi friend, could you send me the code that g.? regards
I'm not sure what code you are referring to, I am new to CAD.
Have you uploaded your stl files to thingiverse.com?
No I haven't, and Im not sure if I can. Sorry.
? <br> <br>That is the common place to share 3D printing files. It is nice to see your process here but for folks with Gopro cameras, it would be nice to have the resulting files too.
I made it at school. I don't think that the students actually have the rights to what they make, because it is through the schools program. And if we do, I have no idea how to transfer the files.
Could you supply us with the .stl file so that we can print it? :)
I would if I could, but I made it on my schools computer. I am not sure exactly how to transfer it. Maybe I will try in the next week or so.
There's a huge pile of GoPro accessories on Thingiverse. ;) <br> <br>http://www.thingiverse.com/tag:GoPro <br> <br>
The white gives it a nice touch :) <br>
Yeah, for something completely unintentional, it sure makes it pop.
The white gives it a nice touch :) <br>

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