Picture of 3D Printed Handlebar Caps
There always comes a time when one of these little buggers falls off, and then begins the annoying process of unwinding grip tape on a road bike. With a handy 3D printer and Autodesk Inventor, this problem is an easy fix. If you are to do this at TechShop like I did, it's even easier. 
The class needed for this project is the 3D Printing SBU and then of course you need a membership. If you wish, TechShop also has  Autodesk Classes for members to get you started in the software! 

Step 1: Measure the handlebars

Picture of Measure the handlebars
Using a digital caliper, I measured the inside diameter of the circle to use for reference in the autodesk sketch. What I got was .77in for the interior diameter. This is really the main bit that is needed for design. I also measured the thickness of the metal itself to give a good reference of the total size since I didn't have existing caps to work with. 
very cool! did you have to do any test with the press fit, or did it work the first time?
MakerDrake (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
It fit perfectly when I installed it, but the cap end was a bit small so for this design that I documented I increased the diameter. As long as the measurements are accurate I wouldn't be worried!