3D Printed "Heart" Box.





Introduction: 3D Printed "Heart" Box.

3D printed "Heart" box.

This box can be a good gift.

This box is simple. Draw a heart. :)

The drawing inside more complex.

Let us examine it point by point.

Step 1:

1. Draw a heart.

Draw a rose inside a heart.

2. Use a tool ekstrud.

Lift each color on a different height.

3. Combine all.

This is the middle part.

Step 2:

4. Draw a box.

5. Draw the outline of the top cover.

6. Make the STL file.

7. Print.

Change the filaments during the printing medium surface of the cover.

If you do not have a 3D printer then contact https://www.3dhubs.com/.

Step 3:

8. Glue the cover.

9. Gift!

Will please your loved ones a beautiful gift!



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Thanks for sharing. That 3d printer site is a great resource.

This is beautiful. Would you consider uploading the files so we can print it from 3D hubs?

Thank you!
Yes of course you can upload to 3D hubs.
But note what needs to be change the color of the filament during printing.

Thank you!
I use the superglue gel.

I like this! Is there a specific kind of glue you recommend for bonding printed items like this?