I originally made this as a gift for my dad's 60th birthday. It's his house 3D printed, painted, and displayed in 3 pieces inside of a lighted shadow box frame. It makes a good gift for someone interested in architecture, mockups, models, or just proud of their own house :)

In this Instructable, I will show how I've completed this project using:

  • SketchUp
  • Slicer Software
  • 3D Printer
  • Dremel Rotary Tool
  • Primer
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Lighted Shadow Box Frame

Step 1: SketchUp

I used SketchUp to design the 3D Model based on just a couple of pictures I had of the house.

This YouTube tutorial is great at explaining how to model a building from a photo match.

The SketchUp plugin Solid Inspector² is really useful to find common 3D errors in your model that would make the slicing difficult for printing.

I would suggest to go iteratively (walls, windows, doors, roof), and after each increment running this plugin to fix recent errors such as holes in the mesh, internal faces, reversed faces, etc.

Also, really try to minimize the number of overhangs or straight angles less than 45 degrees, so that you don't need to generate lots of supports for those parts to hold in place during printing. If you do need to generate supports, I usually recommend Meshmixer for that task.

When the mesh is clean, I use this STL file Exporter plugin to export as a STL file to the slicing software for my printer.

It might seem tedious to model a whole house, but once done, you have the file to print it from many different angles, and can use the model for previewing renovations, decoration, or real estate purposes :)

<p>Nice, curious why you didnt paint the house?</p>
<p>I wasn't sure how to accurately duplicate the brick &amp; roof colors with acrylic paint.</p>
<p>Very nicely done, thanks for sharing! I found it while looking for something interesting to build on my new 3D printer :)</p>

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