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Kali costume for Halloween 2012.  I designed and fabricated the skull necklace and then printed it on my MakerBot Replicator.   I can't seem to upload my STL's and OpenSCAD scripts to Instructables, but you can get them from Thingiverse.

The skulls that make up this necklace were created using a scan I created with 123D Catch and then made into a bead using OpenSCAD.  The bead that has three faces was created with an OpenSCAD script and was then cleaned up and smoothed out with MeshMixer. I didn't have enough white ABS to finish the necklace, so I used Krylon Fusion in gloss white to paint some of the natural ABS skulls white. 

I was in a hurry and ran out of time, so I just used the various divider beads I had been prototyping and strung them together with the skulls.  The gold beads were printed in red translucent PLA, then spray painted gold.

This necklace took about a week to prototype and print. I printed the large skull beads on my Replicator in either white or natural ABS with 13% infil and 0.25 layer height. Each large skull bead took around 3 hours and 20 minutes

I am constantly 3D printing things, often bracelets to give away, so I had lots of bracelets lying around from the past year of printing on my MakerBot Replicator and Thing-O-matic.   I thought I would recycle the bracelet test prints into this costume.

Bracelets that were used in this costume, fabricated by me, but designed by others:
- The 3D printed bracelets on my wrists are "bracelet IV" designed by MakeALot, printed in black ABS and spray painted gold.
- I used emmet's stretchy bracelets (as armbands), also spray painted gold. 

I didn't have time to print the necklace and make the skirt of severed arms, so I purchased 6 arms from Kmart.  They had amazing Halloween sale this year.  Look for it in the future.  Using several coupon codes, I was able to get the arms for ~$2.00 dollars each and free shipping.  I used a tapered hand reamer to make holes in the severed arms and zip ties to attach them to a leather belt.

The rest of the costume jewelry items were salvaged from old Halloween costumes, thrift stores or purchased dirt cheap on Ebay (gold mardi gras beads). 

I did splurge a little and purchase a latex severed head prop. I  slit it down the middle and removed the foam material that it was stuffed with.  I then used a tapered hand reamer to make holes and threaded a black cord through it to make my "head bag".  I used the head bag to carry my keys, wallet and the white chocolate skull treats I was giving away.


james_the_saint (author)2014-08-24

That is a badass, well done costume!!!

poofrabbit (author)2012-11-07

That's awesome!

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