Picture of 3D Printed Locket with Me In It
After seeing what 123D Catch could do, and then catching a model of my own head, I decided that I needed to make my girlfriend a 3D printed locket with me in it. I figured that either she would find this endearing or laughably cheesy and sentimental (and - hence - endearing). When I gave it to her, she seemed to like it. I couldn't tell why, but I suspect it is the former reason.

For me, the tricky part about this was modeling the locket. I am by no means a stranger to 3D modeling; It is just that my skills are a little rusty. After teaching myself 3DS Max when I was 15, and then spending two full years of college doing 3D animation in Maya, I left the world of virtual 3D forms and did not look back. Over the years, all of the trauma was carefully purged from my head while I spent my time making real things. If I had known ten years ago that by making virtual things, you would some day be able to press a button and get a real thing in return, I may not have been so quick to flash my memory. Anyhow, while I may have been quite good at 3D modeling 10 years ago, I am currently in the process of relearning a lot of the skills. Fortunately, it is coming back rather quickly.

I am including two different sets of files. The first set is the 3-part locket in STL format for people without 3DS Max and who just want to figure this out on their own. The second set is the 3DS Max file that is set up such that it will be easy to import and insert your face into the locket. The following instructions will show you how to use the 3DS Max file to complete and export your own custom locket.
What the heck? I want one!
Very nice ible. I would suggest building a clasp into the locket as well... dimple on exterior, with a ball on the door which would be held by the dimple when closed. Worth trying anyway. Well done. Of course, you could print just about anything inside your locket...
megaduty3 years ago
Its always a good idea to carry a miniature of your own head around your neck; in case of a random beheading and you can still be identified since they most likely also took your wallet. Nice ible Randofo!
No you put your wife and self in it so you daughter can remember you when she's being mistreated by Miss Hannigan in the orphanage.
altho you would have to be sure to ask the decapitator very nicely first to leave enough of your neck behind so that you didn't loose the locket too, :)
sunshiine2 years ago
I like this one even better!
blodefood3 years ago
Suggested next step would be to paint the face and head. It would be a detailed job which would certainly challenge one's painting skills. You could add that on to this instructable later.
Cool, you got this material to!!! Full equiped yellow robot of my heart.
BLUEBLOBS23 years ago
Yay! I get to see Randy Sarafan whenever I open my locket!
Lindie3 years ago
Like! :-)
randofo (author)  Lindie3 years ago
Do you want one?
Lindie randofo3 years ago
Sure! Make yourself one as well....lol!
iceng3 years ago
Super excellent ible  :¬|)

How long and how much does it take if one wants to do his grand children ??

canucksgirl3 years ago
Very creative concept. I like that you included the results of all your trial and error. There's a lot that can be learned from the mistakes as well as the successes. So, great job!

Is the next step to cover it in gold leaf? ;-)
randofo (author)  canucksgirl3 years ago
Okay. I stand (er... sit) corrected. ;-)

That is much cooler than gold leaf - and would make a great Instructable! (hint, hint)