3D Printed Mini Arcade Joystick With Tactile Switches


Introduction: 3D Printed Mini Arcade Joystick With Tactile Switches

American style joysticks are rather simple in design, can it be reverse engineered and 3D printed? Yes.

I added some features like interchangeable restrictor plates (4-way or 8-way) and varying sized actuators to customize the feel. In the end I made a working tactile switch joystick at 50% scale for about $3.40 in parts and filament.

Watch the video!

Step 1: Download STLs

STL files are attached! Happy printing!

Printed on a PrintrBot Simple Metal
Layer Height 0.25mm
Shell thickness 0.8mm
Fill Density 20% for large parts, 50% on small parts
Print Speed 60 mm/s @208 C
Hatchbox PLA filament 1.75mm dia



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    just a note the standard joysticks are size locked so smaller options are not easily available.
    For projects that are scaled down things like this are virtually your only option

    This is amazing. Could you use acetone to smooth the plazo?

    1 reply