I picked up a Mini Jambox for some super portable music to carry around my apartment, but that only lasted so long. Soon I wanted to take it with me on long bike rides. That's right, it was getting serious and I was ready to make a more devoted connection. So I designed a bracket, printed it up at Shapeways, and now we're inseparable. You can't stop us, but if you want one of your own, here's how to do it.

Update: Here's how it installs and gets removed. Installation is faster with two hands, but I needed one for the camera. I wanted the mount to be quick for this so there's never any excuse to leave the Mini Jambox on the bike.

Paso 1: Design the mount - hold on to that frame!

The Jambox needs to have a good grip on the bike frame. This means that you want friction and compression. In other words, it should stay in place and not twist. Stay strong. To do this I'm going to use some rubber between the mount and the frame. This material is easy to get, just use an old bike tube.

The main pieces of the bracket here are the same: a piece of pipe cut lengthwise with tabs coming off the sides. One of them has a hexagonal shape to keep the nut in place.

The wall thickness here is 3mm and this is made for a 26mm stem.

Paso 2: Design the mount - hold on to that jambox!

This part of the mount is pretty basic. There are two pieces that wrap around half of the speaker and they're connected by another piece in the middle. Be sure to provide enough room between the two arms so that the controls aren't covered.

In addition to the two arms there are small pieces that stick up on the top and bottom. These are to hold a rubber band in place.

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