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Introduction: 3D Printed Money Cilp!

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Hello and welcome to my instructable!

As you might have seen in the title, this instructable is on a 3D printed money clip!

I made this part in solidworks, it had a few flaws when i printed it but it turned out okay.

The design that i used printed a little too wide but it still turned out nice.

In this instructable I have included rendered out pictures of my money clip, pictures of my printed out money clip, .STL and .SLDPRT files.

This was quite easy to make. All you really have to do is Sketch something that looks somewhat like mine in the picture, or you could make your own design.

On my 3D print there was a problem with the print and that caused it to have a nice sized cut on one side of it.

As you can see the money clip has a place where you can put money, and/or credit cards, there are two slots which is very convenient.



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    It looks nice. Good job!

    By the way, you spelled 'clip' wrong in the title.