Introduction: 3D Printed Motorized Boat

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I designed this motorized boat awhile back on Tinkercad.

Step 1: Supplies I Used

Step 2: Tools I Used

  • 3D printer

Step 3: Design

Picture of Design

I designed this boat in Tinkercad. I started my design by lining up 3 cylinders. Added wedge to help it cut through the water. I designed a case for the motor and the inserted into the boat. I made a spinner by inserting a rotated rectangle into a cylinder flipping it then adding a hole to put it onto the motor. I uploaded a AA battery holder from thingiverse I cut off the screw holes so that it would fit well in the boat.

Step 4: Assembling

Picture of Assembling
  1. Insert motor
  2. bring wires out the hole
  3. Insert cover
  4. Put sealer around cover
  5. Screw in cover
  6. put o ring onto motor
  7. Put spinner onto motor
  8. add contacts to battery holder
  9. Insert battery holder
  10. Connect wires to battery holder
  11. insert battery


brettt3 (author)2017-03-25

this made me smile. I might make one to excite my nephew and niece about building things. Great job!

Jayden17 (author)brettt32017-03-25

Thank you, I would recommend the one with the quarter holder in the front the normal one tips a little far back.

Swansong (author)2017-03-23

That's looks fun :)

Jayden17 (author)Swansong2017-03-23


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