3D Printed Nightmare Before Christmas Costume - Dr. Finkelstein





Introduction: 3D Printed Nightmare Before Christmas Costume - Dr. Finkelstein

In this video, we make a Dr. Finkelstein costume using 3D scanning, digital sculpting, and 3D printing.



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    This is amazing, I love it! Voted for you :D

    awesome we all wish we had one of those. the scanning part I find most awesome Where is your company located? have a tool that drafting in the normal sense is impossible or at least above me it would be a negative drawing showing what needs to be taken away . For costuming get to skip everything between the drawing to finished product without getting hands dirty. the possibilities are endless but doesn't it take a bit of the fun and creativeness out of the project

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    We are in Chicago and Pittsburgh. Take a look at http://www.neomek.com

    We made the other costumes in this photo the old fashion way. I would have to say Dr. Finkelstein was the most fun.


    WOW! Really well implemented.

    Great use of 3D tech... I just had to create an account to give you my vote...!!!

    Fantastic job! We voted!

    Wow you've got MY vote! FABULOUS COSTUME!!!

    Cool costume, but I don't see the video.

    So creepy, I love it!