3D Printed Optical Illusion House Decoration





Introduction: 3D Printed Optical Illusion House Decoration

This is a 3D printed optical illusion. I thought it would be cool to put it on a stand with a ball and socket joint to make it look nice enough to put as a household decoration.

Step 1: Design the Parts

Here are the drawing files for each of the parts. Copy them to the best of your ability. Its a pretty easy design. Most of the dimensions are in whole numbers or in the tenths place.

Step 2: Print All the Parts and Assemble It

After 3D printing, you need to glue, or clamp together the cylinder like pieces around the ball on the top of the stand. I clamped it because it seems more reliable then glue falling apart.

Step 3: Finished!

To see the illusion, line up the slightly cut out hole on one of the ends of the "triangle" to the other non-cut end of the piece



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