Thank you for considering my submission.

This was a fun project and I really hope this helps children and young adults get excited about science and technology.

I got an email telling me about this challenge around noon, and within a few hours I was holding the 1st print in my hand. Of course I had to try to make it better, so I printed a second one changing some of the printer's parameters.

This is the great appeal of 3D printing technology, within a few hours I can go from my 5 year old daughter helping me design the ornament to holding the finished plastic part right next to the monitor and seeing a great big smile on her face.

I only wish all parents could amaze their children everyday the way I have the opportunity to.

I live in San Pedro, CA and I'm a US Citizen.

Step 1: Creating Your 3D Model

Choose your favorite CAD software.

I choose Google's SketchUp Make.

I chose a round pendant style ornament to reflect the presidential seal.

The 13 Stars around the perimeter obviously represent our original 13 colonies.

I chose the White House because that's where (hopefully) this ornament will be hanging. Google image search and the back of a $20 bill and a set of digital calipers gave me the approximate dimensions to make the White House pop off this ornament.

The 3D printer I use is mainly for making larger fixtures for metal/wood working, but the .5mm diameter nozzle still gives me some fine details. They do make a .35mm nozzle for my printer, but I just had to make some of the details a little bigger, and omit some of the finer details to make it come our looking right.

Once I was happy with the design I added the "Happy Holidays" text using the 3D Text tool. SketchUp makes the text "Components" so I had to explode those components then merge them with the rest of the ornament.

Once everything was done I made everything 1 Component, checked to make sure it was solid using the "Solid Inspector" plugin.

Once I fixed all of the errors I exported the solid Component to a .stl file format.

<p>Discovered you and your neat seven view pictures.</p><p>What actual 3D printer did you use ?</p>
<p>This is a great project!</p>
This is so beautiful and worthy of hanging in the White House! I hope you win.

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