Picture of 3D Printed Plastic R5 Ring
This R5 3D Ring, is the R5 band logo on front and back, connected at the sides. If you are part of the R5 family fandome then you will enjoy having a ring. Seeing that the R5 merchandise is bracelets, t-shirts, posters and necklaces, I thought trying rings would be a good thing to invest in.
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Step 1: 3D Printed Plastic R5 Ring

To begin your 3D R5 Ring, Start by making the proper size that fits your finger. Ex. Diameter 19mm Thickness 4mm. You could use any 3D editing program. I chose Rhino because that is what we had at our school.

Step 3:

Picture of
Step 4 R5 Ring.jpg
Wire cut through the entire rectangle.

Step 4:

Picture of
Export and Set up onto 3D printer.
nairita039 months ago
Ok thanks. I ship rydellington too! Do you have an Instagram? In case you do, mine is @laurasarmy
Jenica Hussey (author)  nairita037 months ago

Yea its @Jenicahussey

nairita0310 months ago
This was great, I am an r5er, but I didn't understand if we make it on the Internet, what rhino is or any of that. The rest is good, also, do ya ship raur and auslly, I DO! :)
Jenica Hussey (author)  nairita039 months ago
I don't ship them so much... But I ship Rydellington. [ Ride-Ell ] heh, get it? ;).. To make this ring I used a school computer and 3D printer so That might help.