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Why pay $80 to $100 bucks for a Bluetooth stereo speaker when you can print and assemble your own for under $40!  This Bluetooth speaker packs some punch along with some bonus features!  Not only is it Bluetooth compatible to stream your favorite tunes from your phone or other device, but it features an inbuilt FM radio, supports USB and SD cards, has an inbuilt microphone for hands free talk and even has a remote control!  Powered by two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries you can take this unit anywhere, and your tunes will be pumping for hours! (30-40 hours of playback to be precise!) Recharge the unit via the 5V mini USB input which you can connect to any 5V charging device or your computers USB port.  The speaker features two dynamically angled 3W speakers which fill any room with clear sound and great bass!

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Is there a special way to tune the radio
<p>Hello, in the video you connect the batteries in parallel. Batteries are 3.7V, is it enough to power the module ? Thanks.</p>

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