A project I'm working on required that I reduce the overall size of a sub-assembly. I've contemplated modeling and printing RC servo cases in the past, access to an Object printer presented an opportunity to experiment.

I'm using Hitec's HS-645MG servo. I've included my file set at the end of the instructable.

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Step 3: Removing the Top Cap, Gear Train, and Bearings

Gently pull the top cap away from the body. The gear train may fall out as you do this. I took a picture of it still attached to the servo body for reference.

I've also included a shot of all the parts on a post it, make sure not to lose any of them.

Next, pull the bearing off the servo body and push the bearing out of the servo top cap.

Step 4: Removing the Potentiometer and Motor

The potentiometer is held in place with a small screw. Remove the screw and gently push the potentiometer out of the servo body.

The motor is a tight fit into the servo body, there may also be a dab of adhesive that you'll need to scrape off with the tip of a screw driver. Don't pull on the motor wires unless you want to solder them back on later.

Step 7: Reassemble Gear Train and Attach Top Cap

Reassemble gear train. Note the orientation of the servo limit post it should look like the picture.

Wiggle the servo top cap onto the servo, you shouldn't have to force it. If the gear train isn't reassembled correctly the top cap will not fit.
hunter9t94 months ago

Very good execution of the project, may I ask what software you used to model this servo casing?

Salvagione (author)  hunter9t94 months ago
@hunter9t9, I used Pro/Engineer now called Creo. Would you like copies of the native files or step files? I realize STLs are not the best for modifying parts.
SkinnyFiend10 months ago

Good work and nice Instructable. Great pictures and step by step explanation.