Picture of 3D Printed RC Servo Case (Hitec HS-645MG)

A project I'm working on required that I reduce the overall size of a sub-assembly. I've contemplated modeling and printing RC servo cases in the past, access to an Object printer presented an opportunity to experiment.

I'm using Hitec's HS-645MG servo. I've included my file set at the end of the instructable.

Step 1: Servo Case Modifications

Picture of Servo Case Modifications
Here's a few images of the original servo case next to the modified servo case. I've noted in the images the changes I've made.

Good work and nice Instructable. Great pictures and step by step explanation.

hunter9t910 months ago

Very good execution of the project, may I ask what software you used to model this servo casing?

Salvagione (author)  hunter9t910 months ago
@hunter9t9, I used Pro/Engineer now called Creo. Would you like copies of the native files or step files? I realize STLs are not the best for modifying parts.

would love to try my something with the native files, thank you

Salvagione (author)  hunter9t91 month ago

@hunter9t9, here you go. Keep me posted.

whirl554 months ago

do you still have the original file from this servo so i can rework

Salvagione (author)  whirl553 months ago

Here's a STEP assembly. Looking forward to seeing your work.

Salvagione (author)  whirl553 months ago
What format would you like them in? STEP, SAT, IGES, ...

whatever is easist for you to send i have multple 3d design programs im very good at altering exsisting objects jut not very good at starting from scratch

whirl554 months ago

ok thanks was worth a try

whirl554 months ago
No I am looking for a 3d printed 9g servo case like the one you did for this larger servo
Salvagione (author)  whirl554 months ago
whirl55, got it. I've haven't modeled any servos that small.
Salvagione (author)  Salvagione4 months ago

As you can see from this instructable I fastened the smaller servo to the case I 3d printed.

whirl554 months ago
As I am not good enough at 3d modeling to make it myself
whirl554 months ago

i like the instructable and would like to know if you have worked with micro servos specifically 9g servos as i am trying to design a cut down version with a mounting stud on the back with another servo flipped to modify the instructable


Salvagione (author)  whirl554 months ago

whirl55, I designed a pan tilt system with 9g servos for ldevendorf, see her instructable, http://www.instructables.com/id/Become-Your-Own-3D-Printer/, is that what you have in mind?