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Introduction: 3D Printed Ratchet Screwdriver

About: Hi, I'm Johan Link, a 17 years old student living in Switzerland. I love robotics, computers, 3D printing, photography and skate.

I created this 3D printed screwdriver because I wanted to make an object, beautiful, simple but also functional. I also wanted that this object is printed in one piece. This is an advantage of 3D printing. The object is more solid if it is made in one piece, and you don't need to assemble it.

This screwdriver is not a simple screwdriver, it's a Ratchet Screwdriver. You can screw and unscrew the screws quickly and easily with it.

How screw and unscrew with this screwdriver? If you want to screw, put the bit on the top of the screwdriver. If you want to unscrew, put the bit on the bottom of the screwdriver. It's simple and effective.

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Step 1: The Design

I spent a lot of time designing this screwdriver. It has a sober and elegant design. The grooves on this screwdriver are like the grooves of the standard screwdrivers. This design is simple but effective.

Step 2: How I Created This Object?

To model this object I used Fusion 360. I use this software for a short time, it was a challenge for me to model this screwdriver with its mechanism. Fortunately Fusion 360 is really simple to use, and this software is very intuitive. This is the first time I make such a complex object in Fusion 360, so I may have made some mistakes in the model.

If you want to modify this design you can download the Fusion files with these two links:

You can also download the STL file if you want to print this screwdriver.

Step 3: How It Works?

As I said earlier, this screwdriver is a ratchet screwdriver, so there is a mechanism inside it. As you can see in the pictures, the screwdriver is made up of two parts. Both parts are printed at the same time. The part inside the screwdriver contains a cogwheel, around it there are three wings that bend when turning the screwdriver. This screwdriver makes the same sound as the real ratchet screwdriver, it makes CLICK, CLICK, CLICK.... (You can hear this sound in the video which is in the step 4)

Step 4: How to Use It?

It is very simple to use. Just put the bit on the top or on the bottom of the screwdriver. One side of the screwdriver allows to screw and the other allows to unscrew. You can watch the video to better understand.

Step 5: Print!

If you like this design you can download it and print it. :)

I print this screwdriver with the K8200 printer, and I use Cura to generate the G-code.

My Print settings:

  • Bottom/Top thickness 0.5mm
  • Fill Density 20%
  • Platform adhesion type: Raft (it's not necessary)
  • Support type: Don't use support!
  • Use PLA or ABS.

If you want to modify this design you can download the Fusion files with these two links:

I hope you enjoyed reading this instructable. :)

I am 16 years old and I speak french, excuse me if I made errors of English in this instructable.

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1 year ago

Clever! If I had a printer I would definitely print this!

I printed it on a makerfarm pegasus 8". It printed fine. I like the texture of it because you can really get a good grip. If it was really smooth (like most screwdriver handles) the ridges still wouldn't help the grip much, but with the finish of a 3d printed object you can get a pretty good grip on it. I haven't gotten to the point of really putting some "torque" to it, but so far I haven't got the ratcheting to begin. I didn't change my printer settings. I've always just used the settings that makerfarm provided. When I get out to my barn I've got some good sized screws out there that I can put a little stress on it and see if I can get the ratchet to work.

My hat's off to the maker of this. I was trying to learn fusion 360 but it just seemed like so much was going on I was kind of lost. I switched to 123d design and have designed and printed some say, 2" x 3" box shapes that have openings to mount switches or areas where electrical components will sit to be held in place by the cover of the box.

Excellent work on this screwdriver. Thank you very much.

1 reply

Thank you for the comment. It is possible that the screwdriver is a little stuck at the beginning. It is normal if it is necessary to force a little bit at the beginning. :)

I made one from abs on an Up box. Works great ! The ends that the screw driver tip fits into is a little loose, I will find a little magnet to put in each end. Well done you deserve to win the motion contest.

1 reply

Thank you very much for the comment and the photo!!! I am very happy that you like this object and that it works correctly.

It's a good idea to use magnets to hold the bits. :)

This is so GREAT!!! I l Love it!! I'd like to buy one from you!! Btw, I LOVE France. My friends live in Boisseron and I've been there to visit, 4 times. Wish I could live there!!!


1 year ago

Very nice work!

congratulations. great work!

I love this! Looks so easy to hold. :)


1 year ago

Félicitations, excellent design et l'idée est vraiment sympa.

Great work! I really like how all the pieces are integrated and you don't have to assemble anything. Great design too!

1 reply

Really cool idea. You should do a strength test. It is probably pretty stong because of the mechanical advantage from the screw.

Impressive. Nice work.

That's a neat design :)