Step 6: Records

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After nearly a week of printing, frantically running around downtown SF, and generally fighting with technology, I've got some reasonably good sounding audio to share with you:

You'll notice that all of these prints are only about a minute long- this was due to some issues I was having with file size and RAM.  I'm currently working on troubleshooting these problems, but at the moment the largest file I can print out is about 250MB, or a little over a minute of audio.  Each size has the potential to fit about 6 minutes of audio, this amounts to a file containing about 1.5GB of data. 

Some of these files are up on The Pirate Bay  and the 123D gallery for anyone to download.  (Pirate Bay recently introduced new section on their site for sharing 3d designs called Physibles, many of the models are ready for 3D printing or other forms of digital fabrication).  Unfortunately, some of my files were so large that I had to down-sample even farther, to 9kHz, to get them to export before my computer crashed.  I'm still not done generating all the files I would like to make, it takes a bit of time to process and handle such large amounts of data, so things are moving along relatively slowly.  Check back for updates, and if you download any of these, please seed them!

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon (4 discs, 7 sides) Supposedly, there is a factory in germany that does nothing but press copies of dark side of the moon, maybe one day 3d printers will put that factory out of business, but for now I've had to split the album up onto seven sides of four discs to even get it to fit...
New Order - Blue Monday Single (1 disc, 2 sides)  The top selling 12" single of all time.  Side a is Blue Monday in its nearly 8 minute entirety, I had to cheat a little and extend the grooves into the space where the label should go to pull this off, but it's not too bad, and side b is a remix of Blue Monday called The Beach, just like the original release.
White Stripes - Fell in Love with a Girl (1 disc, 1 side) This is song is not even 2 min long, so I exported it at slightly higher res- 45rpm with a 16kHz sampling rate.  Now that our 3D printing facility has an upgraded computer, I'd like to print out a bunch of short songs like this at 45rpm.

I made all these files at half the thickness of a regular record.  That way, if you ever find a way to print them, you can glue two of them together to make a double sided record.

_jubjub_2 years ago
hi amanda,

great job with this (and the laser cut record instructable). i have a few questions about customizing your code for a less precise 3d printer than your objet.

i've gathered i should be changing this code:

//convert everything to inches
float micronsPerInch = 25400;//scalingfactor
float dpi = 600;//objet printer prints at 600 dpi
byte micronsPerLayer = 16;//microns per vertical print layer

and replace the dpi and layer thickness with specs from the target printer.

do you (or does anyone else reading this) have any experience printing this with with a stratasys uprint plus? it has a layer thickness of 254 microns, so i'm not sure how drastically i might break your code if i increase the micronsPerLayer variable exponentially. are there any other portions of the code i should be careful of in this case?

also, this might be more of an open question to anyone else reading this, but how would i convert the x y resolution of the uprint plus, which gives a minimum wall/feature thickness of .036"/914 microns (and a supposed .020"/508 microns bead diameter) into a DPI value?

thanks again for these two great projects!

- jasper
amandaghassaei (author)  _jubjub_2 years ago
cool! I'd recommend changing to these variables:

float amplitude = 24;//you'll want something between 2-5
float bevel = 1;//bevelled groove edge
float grooveWidth = 2;
float depth = 2;/depth of tops of wave in groove from uppermost surface of record

float recordHeight = 0.1;//height of record in inches

//convert everything to inches
float micronsPerInch = 25400;//scalingfactor
float dpi = 50;// 1.0/0.02 = 50
byte micronsPerLayer = 254;//microns per vertical print layer

I'd also recommend changing the rpm to 45 or 78 to get the most out of the lowered x/y res you are printing with.

I'm not sure it will work, but it's definitely worth a try! be sure to pisk something very bass-heavy to start, lower frequencies hold up better to this process than higher ones.

ryebreadz2 years ago
I like you music taste!