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As a kid, I always dreaded going to the dentist. The only positive memory I can remember was being released from the chair of horror and allowed to claim a prize from the "treasure chest" in exchange for keeping my mouth open the previous half hour. One of the trinkets I received from my many dentist visits was a plastic sliding tile puzzle. After seeing the puzzle challenge, I decided to try to print a tile puzzle myself; so here it is.

Step 1: What You Need

Tools Needed:

- 3D Printer with minimum build volume of 4in x 4in x 3/4in (101mm x 101mm x 20mm)

Materials Needed:

- Plastic Printer Filament

- Super Glue

I printed my puzzle with PLA, but ABS or other printing material would work just as fine.

<p>We called them Chiclets puzzles because of the shape of the tiles and the color, usually white. They were a staple on long car trips, along with shoestring potatoes in a can, white bread, Vienna sausages, and Shasta cola. Set the WAYBACK machine Mr. Peabody. Nice project and I voted for it.</p>
Thank you and thanks for the vote.
<p>Nice!, what printer did you use to print this puzzle?</p>
Thanks! I used a Monoprice Maker Select 3D Printer

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