This instructable will show you how to create a "steady cam" using only a couple of 3d printed parts, and other easy to find materials. 

Step 1: Parts and Materials


Ball Bearings: (5)  - 1/2" outside diameter, 1/4" inside diameter (I bought a few of mine from a local hobby store, but I had to get these for the other two) http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/DAYTON-Miniature-Ball-Bearing-1ZEG9?Pid=search

1/4"-20 Threaded Rod:  (1ft)

1/4"-20 Square nuts: (2) - came in a pack of 4

1/4"-20 Hex nuts: (4 or more) - came in a pack of 10

1/4"-20 Wing nuts: (3 or more)

1/4" Lock washer: (1 or more) - came in a pack of 5

1/4"-20 Nylon lock nut: (1 or more)

1/4"-20 Machine screws 1": (2 or more - I used 4)

1/4"-20 Machine screw 2": (1)

Paint Roller (We only need the handle): (1)

Shoe lace: (1) - (pretty much any kind of cord will do)

Fender Washers: (box of them) - (I used 5/16" x 1-1/2" washers, but any fender washers will do....these are just for the counter-weight)

3d printed parts: (1 set)  (1 gimbal and 1 Fork - or use the file that has both together)

1/4" spacer: (1)  (I cut down a larger 1/4" spacer to get the right length, but you may not need this)

Optional------Some scrap metal: (I needed a piece to offset some counter weight, but your camera might not require this)


3D printer (any 3d printer should do...mine was printed on a Makerbot Cupcake cnc which isn't the most accurate, and you can clean up any holes later with a 1/4" and 1/2" drill--I would recommend printing with an infill of at least 40% or more)

1/4" drill bit

1/2" drill bit





Tin snips (optional)


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