Step 2: 3D Print

I 3D printed the part on an Objet printer (the grand prize in the Make It Real Challenge!) and fit a straw on it to make sure it was the right size (see the image above).  The fit was good; secure, but easy pulled apart.  However, I decided that the size of the connector was a little too large and decided to go back to the drawing board (AutoCAD) before printing more.  Stay tuned for more updates.
I'm just getting into 3d printing,so I'm not sure how to download your files. When I try they turn out to be a text file or html ,depending on how I try. Can I save them as TXT & rename them to the proper extensions later ? I don't have a printer or software at this point but want to save the files for future use. Appreciate any help. TKS!
try opening the stl with a program like mesh mixer (free, open source).
Awesome! So what does a finished sculpture look like once it's done?
Thanks! I've posted a few more parts, you can check out some of those pics. I'm still trying to get a few more connectors printed so that I can make something large, but I will definitely get some pictures of the finished product posted later this week.

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