3D Printed Sunglasses Storage





Introduction: 3D Printed Sunglasses Storage

I have a problem - I buy many sunglasses. All cheap, all indispensable. They were becoming a huge pile and a huge annoyance. 

3D printer to the rescue.

I have a rack of shelves that has a side that is handy to access and not doing much that could be considered useful - why not attach some form of sunglass holder to the side?

Step 1: Find Appropriate Location

I found that a good spacing was 75mm wide, 170mm height (roughly 3' x 6 1/2').

The Ikea shelves shown were perfect for my plan of a grid 5 sunglasses wide.

Step 2: Print Hooks

I did a few tests and came up with the attached design. It's a simple rounded hook that is offset from where it's attached. 

I've included models for the single hook as well as 8-pack of hooks so printing can be done quicker. I have an older 3D printer (thing-o-matic) and the heated bed is loosing adhesion - so I use "ears" on my prints. I attached version of the single and 8-pack that have ears. 

The Openscad source is also attached.

Step 3: Attach Hooks

Map out the location for the hooks. Drill a single guide hole at each position on the grid. Using a 1/2' #10-12 screw, attach the hook through one of the eyelets (don't over tighten). Once firm, make sure the hook is nice and level and drill the second guide hole. Screw it!

Step 4: Hang Your Sunglasses!

So much neater. 



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    Nice job.

    (To upload the Autscad file, zip it first. You can upload any file, in any format, if you zip it first.)

    Thanks Kiteman! I zipped and uploaded the source CAD file.