***Note: I have to finish the very last bits and this instructable will be fully complete.

In this step by step tutorial, I will be showing you how to construct your very own Theo Jansen Mechanism, using the CAD Drawing file as your guide and the .stl files that are provided.

Step 1: Parts List


-Theo Jansen Leg Kit (the provided .stl files)

-(x9) 1' x 3/32in stainless steel rods

-(x1) 1' x 3/16in stainless steel rod

- Wax paper

- J-B Kwik (or any J-B weld product will do, but this is faster)

- Tooth Picks


- 3D Printer ( I am currently using a Dimension uPrint 3D Printer)
       *Note: With the 3D Printer, its assumed you are using some sort of interpreter software. I am using the program that came with the printer: CatalystEX

- Hack saw

- Vice

- Sand paper / Sander (to clean the burrs off the rods)

- Hot glue gun

- Sharpie

- Ruler or Steel Rule

Theo Jansen Leg Kit:

Also stated in the CAD Drawing PDF, the kit requires you to print out:

*Note: This is PER LEG! I am printing out 6 legs so that there is always 2 sets of legs always touching the ground
           at all times. You may print this set out for a demonstration model, or times all these numbers by however many
           legs you want.

- (x4)TheoJansenA
- (x2)TheoJansenB
- (x2)TheoJansenC
- (x2)TheoJansenE
- (x2)TheoJansenF
- (x4)TheoJansenG
- (x2)TheoJansenH
- (x2)TheoJansenI
- (x4)TheoJansenJ
- (x4)TheoJansenK
- (x8)TheoJansen Washer
- (x2)TheoJansen Rotating Bar

<p>I liked the project, but decided to do a remix of the same building with CNC router or laser.</p>
Impressive! Looks like you did a fine job!
<p>Thanks deej397. I'm refining the project, and I hope it gets even better. Your project was of great inspiration.</p>

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