3D Printed Tiny Home




Introduction: 3D Printed Tiny Home

This Instructable is for a 3D printed tiny home model for a 20 foot trailer. Attached are files with the first floor of the tiny home assembled as well as separate files for building and arranging your own tiny home. You can add the .stl files in to a slicer program like Makerbot's Makerware http://www.makerbot.com/desktop and arrange them and scale them to fit the printer bed.

These models are to scale so they will be very large and have to be scaled down.

Living small means getting an idea of the limited space and only living with things that you really need and not having junk laying around or storing things that you never use. 3D printing out a Tiny Home model gives a different perspective of where you can put things and make a livable space according to your needs and even use a pen to mark walls and floors for possible improvements to the design.

The 3D scale models include the dimensions and clearances for:

Lazyboy twin fold out bed

Dickenson Heater



Kitchen with sink and Dickenson stove and oven combination


Expanding Table

Ecosolarcool Solar Refrigerator

Good luck in your Tiny Home design!



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