Introduction: 3D Printed Tower Lamp

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This lampshade was designed using one of my parametric systems for building design. It consists of an adaptive growth system applied to a tower base morphology.

Here are the steps involved:

Step 1: Design the Shell Structure

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1 Branching system design in Processing

2 Branching system modeling finishes in Maya

3 Base morphology design in Grasshopper

4 Adaptive branching system according to triangular tessellation to morphology in Grasshopper

Step 2: 3D Print the Shell

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Prepare the .stl file for 3D printing and print! This lampshade was 3D printed in black nylon plastic with a matte finish at Shapeways.

Step 3: Add Light

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Make your own lamp by adding the light of your choice to the 3D printed shell structure (I used LED PAR30S MV, 12W).


mstone25 (author)2017-04-10

Very nice. Are you able to share the model?

NaderN13 (author)mstone252017-04-22


Swansong (author)2017-04-10

That's beautiful!

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Bio: Diana Quintero de Saul is an architect who specializes in generative design.
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