This is an Easy At Home Lava lamp!

Step 1: Start on Snap

1. Find a humming bird

2. Program LED lights onto the humming bird

Step 2: 3D Print Base

1. Print 3-d base on Onshape

Step 3: Wooden Donut

1. Place wooden donut inside to prop up the bottle

Step 4: Zip-tie Chords

1. Zip-tie chords So They Fit Nicely Inside

Step 5: Bunch Chords

1. Bunch the chords up well so they can fit in the base

Step 6: Put Bottle on the Base

1. Place the bottle in the hole

2. Turn on the humming bird

3. Make sure all the chords are properly fit in the base

Step 7: Gather Materials

1. Gather proper materials

- Voss water bottle

- Canola oil

- Cup of Water

- Food coloring

- Alka-seltzer

Step 8: Finish Product

1. Pour materials in

2. 3/4 full of oil

3. 1/4 fill of water

4. 4 drops of food coloring

5. Drop aka seltzer in

6. Enjoy the fun!

Step 9:

Step 10:

Im pretty sure i made this your welcome
I saw you make this very nice work
Dont have time for this im a powerlifter
Wow very quidditch friendly love it
Where any animlas harmed in the making of this?
Wow Great creation, can i do this as a vegan?
<p>Hey thanks man. I got the plastic one for 4 bucks at a grocery store. </p>
Such a great idea for my livestream. Def gonna try if i can afford the water bottle
<p>That lamp looks amazing! Thanks for sharing! </p>

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