3D Printed Wall Clock With Lots of Colors.




Introduction: 3D Printed Wall Clock With Lots of Colors.

I knew I wanted to get rid of the wall clock which we had…. Simply because it’s plastic and not 3d printed.

When I took it down to change the battery and discovered the paper decoration has been peeling off obstructing the movements of the hour & min arms…. The clock never went back up on the wall.

I fired up Sketch-up… and took my thinking cap, hours later I had the design completed.

Step 1: Materials:

  • A clock engine with arms.
  • Hot glue.
  • Pack of 12 pencils. In the Netherlands the pencil comes in pack of 18
  • Print filaments.
  • And of course a well calibrated 3D printer…"TeeBotMax"

Material Cost :

  • Hot glue gun + stick : 3 Euro
  • Pencils: 1 Euro
  • Filament: I had two colors from previous project (Purple & Pink). (Yup I got kids..)
  • Print Time: Round Base & 0.4mm layer height (1 hour), the hours (1- 12): 0.4mm layer height (4 hours)
  • Clock engine: Free from an old clock. The design fits clock engine of 56mm x 56mm x 16mm. (2-3/16" x 2-3/16" x 5/8").

Step 2: Printing the STL Files

Printing the hour arms plastic in two colors makes it easy to see the numbers from far. Three ways I can think of to do this, if any one has any other option please share in the comment section

  • Use your multicolored 3Dprinter
  • Use a single color 3dprinter and change filament when it is about to start printing the number….(around 11mm).
  • Print in one color and use a permanent marker to paint the number top.

Step 3: Glue It Together

Its simple and easy...

I hope you enjoy making one , if it inspires you to make something different please share in comment below.



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