Introduction: 3D Printed Watch Stand

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3D printed watch stand

This is a Watch stand.

Recently, I bought a watch. Therefore, I made a stand for a watch.

I will explain how to make it.

I am challenging to paint rust.

Step 1: Design.

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I decide the design considering various things.

Create data with CAD.

Step 2: The Watch Stand to 3D Printing.

Picture of The Watch Stand to 3D Printing.

Please obtain 3D data from the following site.

Please see the site for setting for printing. ABS is recommended for material.

The disk-shaped part is to prevent warping.

Step 3: Fastening With Glue.

Picture of Fastening With Glue.

Adhere each part.

Adhesives for ABS should be mixed with ABS and acetone.

Step 4: Coloring.

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Apply silver to the base.

Next, add rust color with acrylic paint.

Apply paint to the sponge.

Apply to hit the sponge.

Step 5: Scratch Prevention.

Picture of Scratch Prevention.

To prevent scratches, paste the felt.

Cut the felt into a suitable size with scissors.

Paste it on the top.



Modern Rustic Workshop (author)2016-12-24

The painting style looks amazing!

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