I love using the Jameco gear motors for various projects, but have always had challenges connecting the shaft to whatever I was making.  Using a 3d printer (MakerBot Replicator) and TinkerCad software, I have come up with a press fit wheel that pushes on to the Jameco motor shaft. In this instructable, I'll show you how I designed the wheel.

The print file is at Thingiverse.com:

The design file is at:

Step 1:

Notice the flat spot inside the hole--that's what makes this wheel fit well.
<p>I would start by trying 3 mm. Accuracy of the printer, resolution used and the material &quot;smushed&quot; on the first layer of the print will influence the results on a small hole.</p>
<p>Hi, do you have any suggestions for what measurements I should use to create a good press-fit. I have a motor with a 0.117&quot; diameter shaft. In that case, do you have a recommendation for what diameter I should make the inner hole on the wheel?</p>
where did you get the 3d printer from? im wanting to buy one (like reprap?) that has the full kit. cant find any...
I ordered mine from MakerBot--you can get one in a week or so from them. The Replicators are made in the USA and their customer service and community help are outstanding! <br><br>I don't have first hand knowledge of any others, but I know the Solidoodle is less expensive (long lead time) and I can't speak to customer support. If you happen to live in NYC, they are looking for interns and include a printer as part of the compensation.
CONGRATULATIONS right back at you :-)<br> <br> You got Featured and Front Page too.<br> <br> You have to consider the elastic properties when making<br> an interference fit on / in the oblong hole very tricky stuff !<br> <br> A

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