Introduction: 3D Printed Wire Organizer

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Wire Organizer for sorting and storing wires.

Step 1: 3D File

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Download this 3D file. I have uploaded both for solid work and stl

Step 2: Printing and Finishing

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I printed it mine in ABS which give it a slight flexibility to allow for some wiggle room.

Clean your part and sand adhesive surface .

You will need a medium size command strip to attach it to the wall.

Allow the adhesive to fully cure before hanging wires.

Step 3: Final Look

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There you have a sleek wire organizer that can be attach to any surface.


mach1950 (author)2017-03-13

Hi Moe, thanks very much. Of course I will credit you. :-)

mach1950 (author)2017-03-11

Hello, I love this, but I can't find the stl file and I can't afford Solidworks

moe khant (author)mach19502017-03-12

I posted a new version in STL. you can download it now.

Kendrickxy (author)2016-11-09

That's what I was looking for! Thanks !

moe khant (author)Kendrickxy2016-11-11

You are welcome, please post a picture of a comment if you happen to make it. :D

Kendrickxy made it! (author)moe khant2016-11-12


I here are some shots of the object printed (I accidently printed the wrong version :D )

And also my settings in Cura.

Have a nice weekend!

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