For each and every hobbyist out there. Here is a tool for you.

This tool will make your life much easier as a hobbyist.

Removing isolation from wires of different sizes made easy and keeping your tool sharp with ease.

I always use to strip wires with a normal carpet knife. I found with a normal wire stripper it just stretches the isolation and the wire is not clean from where one wanted it.

Using the carpet knife after quite a few wires one's thumbs would start to pain from the pressure of the thin wires. So with this idea I still used the carpet knife blade. It is very sharp and cheap to replace.

Step 1: Design

I designed the wire stripper in such a manner to fit comfortably in one's hand.

I started off with copying the carpet knife blade that I had, which is a standard Stanley blade. I think it is quite common around the world.

I then did a bit of research on different sizes of wires that are available and designed it to cut only up to the wire and not any deeper.

I then added body to the design to fit the blade tightly and to ensure that the wire stripper is comfortable in one's hand.

<p>Nice design, it's on my list to try, just one question how do you keep the blade in position, is it a tight fit? or does it easily slide out</p>
I've got the same question
Hi DDM000. <br><br>Please see the reply to Steve.
Hi Steve. <br><br>It does not slide out at all. It is quite a decent fit. <br><br>Tip: Print with very little support on the inside to prevent struggling to get the blade in.

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