3D Printed IPhone Skateboard Mount for Recording Video





Introduction: 3D Printed IPhone Skateboard Mount for Recording Video

I designed a mount for my iPhone to record video while riding on your skateboard or longboard. I modeled the prototype using the eta version of Rhino for Macintosh and it was printed with an Objet printer in the Fabrication lab at the University of Florida.The mount pivots 360 degrees horizontally. The phone fits very snugly into the case and is pushed down into a foam strip at the bottom of the case inside it. The latch secures the phone in the case and there is about 3 mm of plastic on the front and back and the banner around the phone is about 10mm of plastic. This is an ongoing project and I still have a few kinks to work out with the design. I hope to take this project to the next level, by reducing vibration and increasing overall strength of the material. 



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    I would LOVE to buy one of those.

    very awesome Jason, we all hope you win!!!

    love this, totally awesome, would you like some sugru to help with the prototyping etc. while you develop this ?
    You can send me your address by PM and I'll ship it straight to you :)
    Keep up the great work.

    Hey! Actually I had never heard of sugru until I read your post, but I did some researching on the subject, and wow!! That stuff looks awesome. What a great idea! About to send a pm now.

    Thats a really cool idea! Great Project!

    Neat. It would probably take great video of me breaking my *** if I tried to ride one :-;

    Smart how you covered the phone but left the cam open