Picture of 3D Printer
The 3D printer is a great invention.

I allows the user to print (almost)anything he/she could imagine!

But there fairly expensive.

Of course you could buy a cheap pre made one for $200, but the print area is pretty small, and the quality isn’t the best.
on the order end of the scale theirs the other famous printer, but its $2199.

So what to do, spend a lot of money for good prints, or less for lesser quality?

OR build your own!!

In my search for a printer a I stumbled upon the term RepRap.
RepRap  stand for:  ‘replicating rapid prototyper’
in other words, a printer that could prints its self.

The most stead forward design is the ‘Mendel’,
it consists of a basic tie angle frame, with 4 stepper motor for the X,Y,Z movement.

Step 1: What’s 3d printing?

Picture of What’s 3d printing?
Here’s an explanation how a 3D printer works.

A 3D printer deposits little drops/line of molten plastic from a headed tip(nozzle).
in most cases it melts ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) or PLA(Polylactic acid, made from corn starch or sugarcane).
on contact with the surrounding air, in cools down into a solid state.

The printer moves its nozzle in 3 ways to deposits  the plastic in a 3D model.
it begins on the bottom and lays down plastic layer by layer, resulting in a full shape.

How smaller the lines its deposits, how smoother the print would be.
mpatel361 hour ago
I want to just start building 3d printer from your design but i think i dont understand few things, i have attached two pics which i dont understand.
Please assist me.
HeinH21 days ago
Can you share this build as pdf ?
MarcoS172 months ago

Wow nice build! i ordered most of the parts a while ago but was still looking for a nice build i could do myself without any printed parts. Choices are made now, thx!

How long are the 6 pre-cut bar steel rods?

bram2202 (author)  senorsunday1 year ago
2x 37cm (Z axis)
2x 40cm (Y axis)
2x 45cm (X Axis)

what is ikea mirror ...and what for

Ikea is just the company he bought it from. It's a cheap glass surface to print on.


profort3 months ago
how long did it take and how much was it please?

Budget challenged
Mile_zdr made it!6 months ago

I made it, and i can say i made it totally from wood (extruderr and x motor and idler)


did you used 3 mechanical endstops only ?

Yes he used only 3 endstops with ramps 1.4 board you can use 6 endstops 3 (x,y,z) for min values and 3(x,y,z) for max values

amorarun7 months ago

This is great, loved the built...

I am hoping to built one for myself too but don't know when.

This is soooooooo cool

MaikM18 months ago

grat work man!! Can you share your upgrades of this photo? I mean the .stl files or anything similar!


CK1019 months ago
You think you can give a detailed instruction on the power supply and how to get the program running etc.
Ses MarlonN9 months ago

awesome work! do you have the file parts of step 6?

Mile_zdr10 months ago

awesome instructables , i have few questions...
how long should be the threaded rod peaces ? why do you need lcd display?

do you have the pdf of the wooden parts in original size because files you have uploaded are all the same page is 11,69x8 inchs

how much will it cost?

liamthom1 year ago

This is an amazing project, and I plan to build it. but reading though it sounds like the printer bed is 20mm x 20mm, was that just a misunderstanding on my part or somthing, can someone tell me the size of the bed. Thanks

lshoff liamthom11 months ago

20 mm is a little more than .7 inches so it must be a misunderstanding. my guess based on his y and x steel pole axis dimensions would be 10 inches, or somewhere around there.

lshoff lshoff11 months ago

correction they dont have 10 in so get 12 in or 8 in i dont know which one.

tgoldstine1 year ago

Which are the parts that need to be printed in plastic

jtaylor1151 year ago
nice project and looks like some goot time to kill for a weekend. I think though I would personally buy a smaller ready to use 85$ 3d printer and then use t to print the parts I needed to build my own (which is the same as what you just did by having someone else print parts for you and in the end print your own to make the printer better),,,and when finished id resell the printer I bought easy for $70 because 3d printers are barely known around here yet...and in the end id save a but of money and labor I think but at the the extent of the upfront costs...

I do want to note..great instructable and I think I will be using your programming instructions and design.
mmeruvia1 year ago

hello would like to know how to secure the strap to the plate to make the Y-axis movement

hi your instructable is awesome but can you send me the link you bought the stepper motors .

please , can you write all information about the Project ?

firstly :about frame "all dimension" about all parts in it.

secondly : all parts used in project .

thank you very much

Mar1us1 year ago

Hi, nice project! Where you get information about your printer stepper motor? I have quite similar (visualy) but only number: J45A42EC on it.

bram2202 (author)  Mar1us1 year ago

I bought the motors on eBay, all the info was there

elliot42061 year ago
Do you need a RepRap duet board for this build? If so where can I buy it from?
bram2202 (author)  elliot42061 year ago
youll need something to drive the motors, and heaters.
a Duet board is a option,
i bought a Ramps1.4 on Ebay

As the previous reader commented, "very impressive". I'd like to add that your explanation of the build is excellent. Lots of different sciences coming to together here. Keep up the good work.

xTimKen1 year ago
Impressive, Good Job! Maybe i missed it but how much did it cost approximately all the work?
bram2202 (author)  xTimKen1 year ago


forgot to mention that :P
Around the 350 euro ( 470 dollar).
I will sum up all the
costs shortly.